Hibernate Framework

Hibernate Framework


Hibernate is an ORM or object relational mapping library for Java. It also provides framework for mapping OODM or object oriented domain model to a conventional relational database. The direct persistence related database accesses and high level handling functions of Hibernate solves the object relational impedance mismatch problems. Data query and retrieval facilities are some of the facilities, other than mapping, from java classes to database tables. Hibernate was designed and developed as an alternative to. Hibernate uses a persistence framework. This Hibernate framework stores and fetches data from Java environment to database tables. Permanent storing medium like SQL database is used by persistence.

Pinaki Infotech developers use Hibernate annotation on top of standardised Java persistence annotations, in a bid to utilise all Hibernate features. For optimising performance and also for special mappings, we use Hibernate annotations and hibernate-specific extension annotations. We handle mapping java class to the DB table using specialised Hibernate annotations and use its APIs to do the necessary functions among other things.

We make it easier to access databases and make fetching techniques easier. Our programmers also use Hibernate framework with carefully designed and developed Hibernate annotations to make your database safe and secure. We also ensure that they are easily accessible and our programmers also design a number of extremely easy and interactive applications for data analysis and better business performance.

    Key Features Of Hibernate:
  • Integrate elegantly with all popular J2EE application servers, Web containers and in standalone applications
  • Object/Relational mapping definition
  • Free/Open Source
  • Extreme Scalability

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